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Jefferson- Separation of Church and StateSeparation of Church and State IS the First Amendment according to the far left ACLU. Where did the phrase Separation of Church and State come from? What was its original intention? What does the First Amendment really say?

U S Supreme Court- School Prayer Cases3 supreme court rulings which removed school prayer and Bible reading from public schools

Bill of Rights - School PrayerThe Supreme Court alters the First Amendment thus eliminating School Prayer.

School Prayer eliminated by the Supreme CourtWhat has been the result of removing God and School Prayer from our schools? Since God was removed from our schools, we have seen a big decline in student performance. Read page for more details.

John Adams - Founding Father QuotesQuotes from the Founding Fathers point to the importance of a moral society which is formed by a Godly educational system including school prayer.

Supreme Court vs ConstitutionSupreme Court's unconstituional attack on the Constitution as it rules against the "Free Exercise" clause.

Darrell Scott addresses Congress about the Columine ShootingsDarrell Scott addresses Congress on the shootings at Columbine H.S. and his view that the removal of School Prayer played a role in this tragedy.

The true story of how the Communist got Prayer removed from Public Education.

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Video Source Material:  Let Us Pray, A Plea for Prayer in Our Schools, by William J. Murray:  The ACLU vs America, by Alan Sears and Craig Osten:  The Naked Communist, by W. Cleon Skousen:  Education and the Founding Fathers, by David Barton.

Prayer in Colonial Schools:

In Colonial America, home schooling and the schools run by the churches were very common.  The first settlers in America felt that it was important that children learned to read so they could read their Bibles.  Learning right from wrong and developing good moral character were considered as important as learning the 3R's.  School Prayer was a natural part of the Pilgrims school life. The Churches played a big part in the formation of schools in America
See History of Schools in America

Bible Reading School Prayer:

As part of the daily curriculum, students were taught to pray and read using the Bible. Later in 1690 the New England Primer was introduced which taught spelling, reading and the Alphabet using Bible verses, thus teaching both reading and Bible morals at the same time.  Daily school prayer was a natural part of this educational system.  After the American Revolution, Noah Webster introduced the Blue Book Speller which also used Bible verses to teach reading and spelling.  In 1836 the McGuffey Reader was introduced which also featured Bible verses to teach moral values.  This school system produced some of the worlds brightest  inventors and set the Industrial Revolution in motion. The schools continued to be run mostly by Christian Churches until the 1890's at which point  States started to take control of the existing schools.  By 1900 many other text books were in use and they all had Bible quotes in them.

School System Changes:

As the 20th Century began many classrooms started each day with the pledge of allegiance, a prayer and a reading from the Bible.  Many Churches turned their schools over the State run educational system.  State run schools continued to teach moral values using the McGuffey reader with its Bible verses.  America had one of the best school systems in the world.  As the century progressed these Biblically based readers were replaced with the secular Dick and Jane readers. 

The first crack in the moral school system occurred, in 1925 when the newly formed ACLU paid a teacher in Tennessee to teach Evolution.  Biblical creation had been taught through out the land, and teaching evolution was against the Tennessee state law.  While the ACLU lost the case, it set in motion a re-evaluation of teaching science.  Within four decades the laws were reversed so that now teaching Creation is outlawed and teaching Evolution is mandatory. 

In 1948 the Supreme court used the "Separation of Church and State" argument to outlaw a time for school prayer.  In 1962 the ACLU again went to the Supreme Court and prayer in school was declared unconstitutional.  In 1963 the Warren Court stopped schools from allowing Bible reading in classes.  In 1980 the Supreme Court declared that posting the Ten Commandments in a school classroom violated the Constitution of the United States. Thus the Communist affiliated ACLU's long term goal to rid American schools of any moral influence from Christianity was achieved. 

Today's Schools without Prayer:

Thus while the early American schools taught the moral values from the Bible, with school prayer, today's public school system prohibit teaching moral values from the Bible, or even allowing students to pray to a God that a majority of faiths in this country recognize. The result for American education has been a disaster.  The result is America has become a land with much looser morals then five decades ago, which is having a negative affect on all sectors of our society.  History shows us that when societies become corrupt they begin to come apart and crumble. 

See Links on left other pages will show you how the courts removed Bible reading (teaching moral values), School Prayer and the Ten Commandments from our schools.  The claim is made by the ACLU that these violate the Constitution, but then why did the founding fathers have, Bible reading, School Prayer and the Ten Commandments in their schools?  Did they not understand their own Constitution?

A Nation that refuses to teach its children right from wrong, good from evil will become a corrupt nation, where sin prevails, evil abounds, and children do as they please! 

Discovering God in Science, book by Charles Steele
Get the new book, Discovering God in Science, which shows how new Science Discoveries are showing a need for a creator.

New England Primer
The New England PRIMER was used as a text book from 1692 to after 1900.

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