The School Prayer Debate

First Amendment and Thomas Jefferson First Amendment and School Prayer

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The issue of Prayer in School is one of the most passionately debated topics in our school system today. As evidence of how big this issue is, the Google search engine recently showed a whooping 1.4 million sites if you type in keywords "school prayer". The School Prayer issue raises questions about the role the government can play in our school system.

Groups that oppose "Prayer in School", such as the ACLU, argue that school prayer violates the "Separation of Church and State" principle in the Constitution. These opponents of School Prayer say the government does not allow religious expression, such as prayer, in our public schools. A number of school prayer cases have been brought before the Supreme Court in the past 50+ years. The Court has ruled against Prayer in School and Bible reading in a number of landmark cases.

On the other side of the school prayer debate are a large number of parents who want their children to have moral education as well as learning the three R's. They ask the question, "If the signers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, thought school prayer was unconstitutional, why did they not outlaw it in their time?" In fact the historical record shows that many of the founding fathers encouraged prayer in school and Bible reading as a normal part of the school curriculum.

There are many twist and turns in this debate which centers on the founding documents of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Click on this link to explore more about the pros & cons of the School Prayer issue, the " Separation Of Church and State " principle, and other issues at stake. Click on link to the discover the importance of morals in education and society.

Last Update Jun. 2015